The mission of our organization is really so simple as helping other families
that are facing medical issues in their children.

An extremely important piece of this is you. Become a volunteer, donor or sponsor an event.

As a volunteer with our organization, you will help to promote awareness of pediatric cancer, focusing on the need for more research and the fact that these diseases are not rare. Volunteering with events or office tasks will allow you to play a significant part building a legacy for an amazing little girl that did not get the chance to do it for herself. As a donor, your donations will be used to further promote pediatric cancer awareness activities. Additionally, donations allow us to fund research with nationally known DIPG researchers, making sure that families facing this disease have important HOPE. These donations will also be used towards the goal of providing much needed family housing for patients visiting our area for medical care. If we can’t support families while they are here, it won’t matter how amazingly talented our researchers are or what outstanding care is available.

You can support the Phoebe Louise Dooley Foundation mission and build a legacy!