Our Mission

The Phoebe Louise Dooley Foundation is a 501(c)3 foundation formed in 2017 to honor a 5-year-old animal fanatic, lover of all things pink, and story teller extraordinaire.

The Vision of the Foundation

Phoebe’s parents started this foundation in Phoebe’s name to create her legacy. The foundation is focused on several goals:


One in five children fighting cancer in the United States will still die from their disease, but the statistics are worse at greater than 5 years post diagnosis.  Research in pediatric cancers is grossly underfunded and limited.  No significant improvements have been made in the treatment of Phoebe’s specific cancer since the mid-1960s.  We want to help change this by supporting research specific for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG).

Family Support

Most families facing pediatric illnesses will experience medical bills and loss of wages, can face tremendous costs associated with travel and temporary housing during treatment, as well as being separated from their support systems. We plan to provide support for families facing pediatric illness in the Gainesville area and patients who seek treatment here. The long term goal of the foundation is to supplement existing housing options for all types of pediatric patients and their families coming to the Gainesville area. We hope to give these families a “home” away from home.


Phoebe’s Story

Cole and Sarah Dooley found out they were expecting a little girl and chose the name Phoebe for its meaning, “radiant light.” This name perfectly embodied every bit of hope, beauty, and inspiration they wished for her. She was born with congenital heart disease and had open-heart surgery at 8 weeks old. She was then diagnosed with an aggressive, incurable brainstem tumor – diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma or DIPG – at the age of 3-years-old. Despite these obstacles, now almost 16 months after diagnosis, she is living her little life to its fullest each and every day.